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Aisin Group’s connected technology constantly senses the driver’s condition and controls the seats, doors, windows and sunroofs according to the weather, traffic and personal preference data stored on the cloud. The Group continues to offer new services using location information as well as create a comfortable space inside. By connecting cars with people, Aisin Group aims to make driving a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

Hospitality Services

Trust that Connects People to Vehicles Trust that Connects People to Vehicles

We have developed technology that senses a driver’s condition, collects data on weather, traffic and personal preferences, and works in conjunction with power seats, sliding doors, and sunroofs.
Our Hospitality Services keep drivers happy and comfortable.

Approach to Hospitality Services Approach to Hospitality Services
Our driver-friendly Hospitality Services make a smart, reliable and proactive buddy for drivers.
Get more enjoyment and more comfort out of driving than ever before.
  • Example:
    Smart Seating Arrangement
  • Example:
    Smart Door Safety Function

The system verifies safety inside the passenger compartment and the car automatically modifies the seat arrangement.

Smart Seating Arrangement Smart Seating Arrangement

Cameras and sensors inside the passenger compartment monitor the behavior of outside persons and the vehicle.

Smart Door Safety Function Smart Door Safety Function

Location based Services

We’ve offered services based on navigation technology that keep map data always up to date and monitor traffic conditions on a real-time basis.

Services Employing Location Information Services Employing Location Information

Example: Notifications from Big Data

The system informs the driver before departure about traffic congestion and accidents based on big data collected through Connected Cars, and proposes driving for.

Notifications from Big Data Notifications from Big Data