Bed, Furniture, and Fabric (“ASLEEP”)

“ASLEEP” is the brand name of a “total production business for the bedroom” that adds furniture to the beds and bedding.
“ASLEEP” offers a sleeping environment conducive to relaxation and restoring energy for the next day by providing high-quality sleep bedding that ensures the most restful sleep as well as a new lifestyle, as exemplified by the “FINE REVO Mattress,” which aids in nighttime rolling and eliminates unneeded muscle movement.

Home-use Sewing Machine

Based on the philosophy of “Quality First,” Toyota Sewing Machines provides sewing machines for global markets that are environmentally friendly and user friendly owing to their design parameters of “Usability” and “Aesthetic Beauty.”

Cogeneration System for Residential Use

Residential cogeneration systems use the heat produced during electrical generation to heat water and living spaces to achieve more efficient energy use.
Two types of cogeneration systems for residential use are available: The fuel cell cogeneration system for residential use is equipped with SOFC (solid oxide fuel cells) for highly efficient power generation performance. The gas engine cogeneration system for residential use, designed for colder regions, makes efficient use of the heat produced by the power generating gas engine to heat living spaces.

Shower-toilet seat

Warm water shower-toilet seats are an irreplaceable part of Japanese peoples' lives. Consumers have moved from an era where merely washing up was enough to one in which washing comfort matters as well. Aisin Seiki's newly developed “Zoom Wash” features two water channels within the washing nozzle. Intersecting the two nozzles enables adjustment of the washing surface and adjustment of the water pressure.

Audio Equipments (“TAOC”)

TAOC is Aisin Takaoka's high-end audio brand.
Aisin Takaoka offers products with excellent rigidity and damping qualities by leveraging a wealth of experience in automobile components and high-carbon iron damping technologies. Its high definition and sound clarity have been highly regarded by the audio industry. Aisin Takaoka also offers well-balanced lines of audio products, including speaker systems and speaker stands.